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Beware of Foods That Fracture Teeth

Your teeth endure wear and tear on a regular basis. They can withstand constant biting and chewing, but immense pressures may cause a tooth to chip, crack, or fracture. Hard or chewy food items can lead to this type of dental injury, but other types of foods could hurt your teeth too.

You can prevent tooth breakage like this if you know which foods pose this type of dental danger. Read on to learn about four foods that may break your teeth if you do not pay attention to your smile.

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4 Foods That Can Cause Tooth Breakage


Popcorn is a popular snack to enjoy out at a movie theater and from the comfort of your home. People enjoy its fluffy texture, but it could also hide hard unpopped kernels that could sit in your bowl. If you bite one of these kernels, you could break your tooth.

This type of injury can disrupt the look of your teeth and put your oral health at risk. You should seek prompt treatment from your dentist to restore the shape and appearance of your smile after this accident.


You may think of bread as soft, especially once you get past the crust. But bagels are dense. They make a delicious sandwich, but biting into a bagel could put you at risk of dental breakage.

You should not ignore a crack or chip in your tooth, even if you do not feel pain. The crack can deepen over time, allowing plaque and bacteria to access the vulnerable interior of your tooth. Pay attention to your smile to prevent this dental injury and subsequent oral health concerns.

Hard Candy

Many people enjoy the sweet treat that is hard candy. This is made by boiling sugary syrup and allowing it to cool down and solidify into the candy you know and love. They are designed to be sucked over a long period of time as the sugar dissolves in the mouth.

However, it can be tempting to bite down on hard candy, an action that can fracture your teeth due to the hard texture. If you cannot resist the urge to bite this candy, you might want to avoid this treat.

Your dentist can usually repair this dental damage with a crown or other restorative treatment. But ideally, you should preserve the natural structure of your smile and avoid injuries like this.

Corn on the Cob

Corn on the cob is both delicious and fun to eat. However, this food poses a risk to your smile. Your teeth are not built to withstand the pressure of grating against a corn cob.

This could result in you chipping or cracking your teeth while biting into this food. Take extra care when consuming corn on the cob or find an alternative way to enjoy corn if you want to protect your oral health. Ask your dentist for more advice on preventing dental emergencies.