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Why Fix Crooked Teeth?

Whether due to genetics or a side effect of a larger dental problem, many individuals live with crooked teeth. These spacing concerns can vary from a minor gap between teeth to severe crowding in the smile.

Misaligned teeth can majorly impact your dental health, so many dentists will recommend treating the issue with Invisalign, Six Month Smiles, or other orthodontic solutions. A dentist can let you know which treatment will get you the best results when you schedule a consultation. Read on to discover three reasons why you should consider straightening your smile with cosmetic treatment from your dentist.

Invisalign treatment Louisville Kentucky

Improve Oral Hygiene

If your teeth overlap one another, then you may have trouble getting your teeth effectively clean during your oral hygiene routine. You might not have access to the entire surface of your teeth, meaning some plaque may linger between teeth and cause major dental damage.

Gaps between teeth can create oral hygiene issues in your smile as well. Food can become trapped in a gap, hurting your smile as the food remains in your teeth and deteriorates. This also heightens your risk of developing bad breath.

You can improve your oral hygiene routine by straightening your smile with short-term orthodontics from your dentist like Invisalign. These custom-made plastic aligners are worn by the patient 22 hours a day at least to gradually align teeth. They can be removed, so your oral hygiene regimen will not be disrupted by wires or brackets during your teeth straightening treatment.

Prevent Worn Teeth and Dental Work

Crooked teeth can impact the way that your bite closes. Misalignment in your smile may mean that your bite does not close properly, which can mean that typical oral functions can create more wear and tear on your teeth than they should.

Your teeth are durable, but added pressure from a bite problem may lead to structural damage to your teeth. This could result in an injury like a cracked or chipped tooth.

This issue can disrupt the look of your smile but also put your dental health at risk. An injury like this can heighten your risk of getting an oral infection that can cause many oral health issues and pain.

Misaligned teeth and bite problems could also hurt your prior dental work, such as a dental filling. If a filling wears down, it could break the seal, exposing the vulnerable section of your tooth to further harm. Straightening your teeth can amend these bite problems and protect your smile.

Enhance the Look of Your Smile

Patients with crooked teeth may feel self-conscious about the way that their smile looks. This could lower their confidence which can impact multiple facets of their lives.

Straightening their teeth can make them happy with the appearance of their smile, boosting their self-esteem. The clear-colored aligners of Invisalign are appealing to these patients as well. The look of their teeth will not be disturbed by metal wires and brackets during this cosmetic dental treatment.