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Dental Concerns Louisville, KY

Dr. Westermann treats your dental concerns in our office, providing restorative and cosmetic solutions personalized to your needs. Dental concerns can range from common problems such as tooth decay to more complex issues that affect the function of your smile. These can include tooth loss and advanced gum disease. Treating dental issues promptly often means that more conservative measures can be used to resolve them. If you have concerns about the health or appearance of your smile, schedule a visit to explore your treatment options. 

Dental Concerns in Louisville KY

Missing Teeth

Missing teeth can affect your quality of life and your overall health and wellness. Replacing teeth as soon as possible will help you avoid other related problems, such as bone loss in the jaw and changes in the fit of your bite. Dr. Westermann offers the latest tooth replacement options as well as traditional removable appliances. Dental implants can give you back a smile that functions like natural teeth. To learn more about lost teeth and treatments, visit Missing teeth.

Gum Disease

Dr. Westermann offers diagnosis and treatment for the symptoms of gum disease, a common dental problem affecting patients of all ages. Gum disease can also impact the integrity of your teeth if left untreated. It is a progressive disease and will slowly erode tooth roots and surrounding tissue, even leading to tooth loss in advanced cases. 

Crooked Teeth

Dr. Westermann can use clear aligners to straighten your smile. Invisible braces are the treatment of choice for most teen and adult patients needing orthodontic care for mild to moderate problems. A straighter smile is also a healthier smile- it is easier to clean all tooth surfaces when the teeth are properly aligned.