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Periodontal Therapy Louisville, KY

Gum disease remains a leading cause of tooth loss in adults and can be easily prevented and treated with routine dental care in our Louisville, KY dentist office. Dr. Westermann and her staff promote healthy gums as the foundation for overall oral health and wellness. The gums are important not only for the health of the smile, but the aesthetics as well.

Recent scientific studies show a connection between gum disease and serious systemic diseases including diabetes, heart disease, respiratory disease, stroke, pancreatic cancer, and Alzheimer’s Disease. These studies show that the infection in your mouth may serve as an entry point for bacteria to invade your body.Healthy gums will support healthy teeth.

Periodontal Therapy Louisville KY

During routine preventive dental care, Dr. Westermann will perform a periodontal screening to look for the early signs of gum disease and recommend appropriate treatment to avoid future damage to teeth and gums. For patients with varying stages of gum disease, we offer periodontal therapy to restore oral health.