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Dental Fillings Louisville, KY

Most patients will receive a dental filling at some point in their life to address tooth decay or damage. Dr. Westermann offers white, cosmetic fillings for the most natural looking result. She can replace old, dark or leaking fillings with a tooth colored composite filling that will enhance your smile, improve oral health and provide lasting results.

Dental Fillings: What To Expect

In most cases, Dr. Westermann will place your dental filling in one visit. Your composite filling will be color matched to blend with your natural smile. The dental filling process will begin by numbing the tooth to be treated. Dr. Westermann is known for her gentle manner and “pain-free” injections, making your experience as comfortable as possible. The decayed area of the tooth will be removed and composite material will be applied to the surface and permanently sealed. The surface will be adjusted and polished to ensure a comfortable, stable bite as well as an aesthetically pleasing result.

If an old filling is being replaced, Dr. Westermann will remove it and clean out the tooth surface before applying a new, composite filling. Replacing dark fillings that are in the smile zone can provide a smile makeover in addition to supporting lasting dental health.