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Dental Services Louisville, KY

Westermann Family Dentistry is your local oral health resource in Lousiville, KY, for maintaining your smile. Routine dental care is the foundation of our practice and an essential part of lifelong health and wellness. Dr. Westermann provides a personal approach to your ongoing dental care needs. We want you to feel informed and educated about your oral health and treatment options so that you can make decisions that support your overall health. 

Dental Services in Louisville KY

We believe that everyone deserves to enjoy a healthy smile. Dr. Westermann and our team emphasize the importance of ongoing preventive dental care throughout your life. From that first tooth to the changing needs of an aging smile, regular dental visits will help you avoid common and complex dental problems. Our personalized approach to your dental care means that we can also work with you to address any unique risk factors you may have for dental concerns, including medical conditions and lifestyle habits. A smile that is healthy and comfortable will allow you to enjoy life to the fullest every day!

General Dental Care: preventing disease.

General dentistry includes routine dental care that focuses on preventing disease. Keeping the teeth and gums clean and healthy reduces the risk of decay and infection, leading to tooth cavities and gum disease. Dr. Westermann offers complete care for the routine maintenance of your smile. We take time to get to know you and help you understand the best ways to keep your smile healthy between visits. Our general dental care includes:

Smile Makeovers in Louisville: cosmetic dental care.

Are you ready to enhance the appearance of your smile? Dr. Westermann can help you rediscover your smile confidence with cosmetic dental services. A personal smile makeover plan can be as simple as teeth whitening or can include a range of treatments to give you the smile you desire. It all starts with a consultation to explore your treatment options. 

Repair and Restore Your Smile

If you have damaged or missing teeth or damage from gum disease, restorative dentistry can restore a healthy smile. Dr. Westermann offers restorative dentistry in Louisville to help patients address complex dental problems and restore dental health and wellness. 

Sleep Apnea: oral appliance therapy in Louisville.

Dr. Westermann offers oral appliance therapy for patients diagnosed with sleep apnea. If you have mild to moderate sleep apnea or have difficulty using a CPAP, oral appliance therapy has been shown to reduce symptoms and improve sleep.