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Dental Anxiety Louisville, KY

Fear of the dentist is a common concern and a leading cause of poor oral health. Known for her gentle touch and compassionate manner, Louisville KY dentist Dr. Kim Westermann welcomes patients who suffer from dental anxiety. Poor oral health is often linked to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and can have a detrimental affect on systemic disorders such as diabetes, compromising overall health.

Dental Anxiety Louisville KY

Understanding Dental Anxiety

Dr. Westermann takes the time to meet with each patient and discuss their dental concerns, including any fears they may have about their care. There are many reasons for feeling anxiety and fear at the dentist, including a bad dental experience in the past or a fear of needles and medical procedures in general.

In many cases, discussing your fears and learning about what is involved with a dental treatment can greatly reduce anxiety and help patients feel in control of their dental experience. Dr. Westermann and her staff go above and beyond to ensure the comfort of their patients, providing blankets and personalized music selections to create a warm and relaxing environment that patients eventually look forward to.

Dr. Westermann takes great care when giving any type of injection, using a slow and gentle technique that reduces or eliminates pain. Throughout your dental appointment, she and her staff will take the time necessary to keep you comfortable and confident in your care.

“The staff are all very sensitive to my fears. More than that, everyone seems to remember what has gone on in my life. The atmosphere is warm and fun loving. No long waits. Get in, work is done and you’re out! All staff is professional and friendly.” Tim Sewell

Pain Free Dentistry

Without the use of sedation, Dr. Westermann is able to provide dental care that is considered “pain free” because of her gentle approach. Patients who have not had dental care are able to restore their oral health and enjoy a better quality of life with a comfortable, functional and healthy smile.