Patient Reviews

“Your office is so well run. You get me in on time in a relaxing atmosphere. Keven takes such great care of my teeth with good humor and a caring touch. Kim, your gentle touch is most appreciated as well as your friendly and professional manner and your thorough knowledge of dentistry. Angie always greets me with a smile and does her job in a professional and friendly manner. My dental health thanks all of you!” Connie Baxter

“As always, everyone is friendly but very professional. Helpful feedback is offered and questions are always answered. There is never a sense of urgency and the necessary time is devoted to respond to the patients concerns.” Ken Baldridge

“Everyone is friendly. They take the time to learn about each patient. No waiting. Beautiful environment. Very concerned about my dental and overall health. Current on newest methods of patient care and treatment.” Deb Copeland

“Your staff is awesome! It’s nice to come into an office and the staff knows your name. You, Dr. Westermann, must be an awesome boss because from what I have seen through the years I don’t believe I have seen any turn over. You guys are the best in Louisville!!!” Caroline Piliere

“The staff are all very sensitive to my fears. More than that, everyone seems to remember what has gone on in my life. The atmosphere is warm and fun loving.” “No long waits. Get in, work is done and you’re out! All staff is professional and friendly.” Tim Sewell

“The staff are out of this world!!! They make you feel so comfortable every time you come in to the office. They are friendly, caring and really have a vested interest in getting to know you.” Terri Gloeckler

“I love the personal and friendly service and atmosphere. I know you all want what is best for me and totally trust in all of you and in the care I recieve.” “I like the one on one contact. Friendly. They know my name when I come in. Works very easy without pain. Dr. Westermann is the best, along with her staff. Very flexible about appointment, don’t waste time.” Carolyn Strunk

“When you come in you are treated like a member of the family. Everyone is so friendly and warm!”

“The staff works hard to make sure you are comfortable and to complete their task in a timely professional manner!!”

“I like everything about the office, the staff, the cleanliness, the skills and the dental care I have received for many years with Dr. Kim and her harem! I will continue with ya’ll until my last tooth is gone!” Dick

“The staff friendly but professional, and clearly happy in what they do. The office is clean, bright and welcoming.”

“Very thorough and actually don’t mind going to the dentist anymore; the entire staff are friendly people and very caring.”

“The office is very nice and clean. The location is wonderful. The staff is friendly, gentle and caring. They welcome me by name when I come in.”

“One on one attention from all staff, obvious care for the whole patient. Warm friendly atmosphere, pleasant both physical layout and staff. You guys Rock!”

“X-ray technique is really impressive. Gentleness of cleaning process greatly appreciated. Bottled drinking water also a nice touch.”

“Friendly, competent, personal, and professional. Kim is most painless dentist I’ve ever had! Highly recommend!” Marian Simcox

“Friendly, professional, patient, knowledgeable and my teeth will last longer than the rest of me!”

“I think my actions speak volumes since I followed Kim from Dentistry school! I do not want anyone else working on my teeth and I drive miles out of my way to see her.” Becky Irvin

“Nicest and friendliest staff in the world!! Even though I hadn’t seen any of you for 6 months, you all remembered details about me. You are so caring and make me feel good each time I come in-no matter what you’re doing to my teeth!!!!!!” Clarice McCarthy

“The staff is wonderful!! I have been a patient for years and years, as a result. You all do a great job and each visit is like coming back to see old friends. In addition, the talents of Dr. Kim and staff are top notch. I can’t imagine going anywhere else!”

My total experience is always great. Not only do I get great dental care, but my experience is always fun with my hygienist, Kevie! How many people actually laugh during a cleaning?? Angie is very helpful with my billing and insurance and Kim is excellent with all my dental needs! This office is top notch!” Missy S.


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