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Dental Bridges Louisville, KY

A dental bridge can be the solution for missing teeth, restoring dental health and daily quality of life. Dr. Kim Westermann recommends a dental bridge for patients who have missing teeth or need to replace a removable denture for improved dental health.

Dental Bridge Louisville KY

A dental bridge is a fixed appliance that is anchored on each side by natural teeth that have been strengthened with a dental crown, or by a dental implant. A dental bridge can restore your smile, prevent more complex problems often associated with lost teeth and last for many years with proper dental care.

Why Replace Missing Teeth?

Dr. Westermann emphasizes the importance of replacing missing teeth as quickly as possible. There are a range of dental problems that can develop if lost teeth are left untreated:

  • Shifting of remaining teeth
  • Bone loss and subsequent jaw shrinkage
  • Periodontal disease
  • Loss of ability to eat and speak normally

In addition to having an affect on your overall appearance, these problems can also ultimately limit tooth replacement options. If you have missing teeth or a poor fitting denture, schedule a consultation with Dr. Westermann to learn more about how a dental bridge could be the solution to your oral health concerns.

About the Dental Bridge Procedure

The dental bridge procedure is typically completed in 2 to 3 visits to our Louisville, KY dentist office. The anchoring teeth will be prepared by removing a portion of enamel to allow for a dental crown. Next, a highly accurate impression (mold) is made which will be sent to a dental laboratory where the bridge will be fabricated. Dr. Westermann may provide a temporary bridge to be worn until your next appointment.

At your next visit, your dental bridge will be permanently secured and any necessary adjustments will be made for a comfortable fit. Dr. Westermann will provide any specific care instructions to help you maintain your new bridge and enjoy a healthy smile.