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Everything You Need To Know About Teeth Whitening

teeth whitening treatment Have you ever wondered what you could do to improve the appearance of your smile?

At Westermann Family Dentistry in Louisville, KY, Dr. Kim Westermann offers a full range of cosmetic dentistry services used to enhance your natural smile. One of the most commonly performed cosmetic dentistry services is professional teeth whitening. Professional teeth whitening can be used to safely and effectively brighten the teeth multiple shades. Whether you want whiter teeth for a special occasion, or just want a treatment to improve the appearance of your smile, professional teeth whitening can help you achieve the results you desire.

Take Home Teeth Whitening

Dr. Westerman offers  Zoom take-home teeth whitening as Westermann Family Dentistry’s preferred choice of teeth whitening. To receive zoon professional teeth whitening, patients will need to schedule a visit to our Louisville, NY dental office. During your visit, Dr. Westermann will need to take impressions of your teeth to create custom fit whitening trays.

Your custom designed teeth whitening treatment will minimize the risk of tooth sensitivity, damage to the soft tissue, and inconsistent results. Dr. Westermann will work with you to determine if professional teeth whitening is right for you. To schedule a consultation, visit Westermann Family Dentistry or schedule a consultation online.

Whitening Discolored Teeth

Certain stains cannot be removed with professional teeth whitening. Dr. Westermann will perform a full comprehensive exam to determine the best cosmetic solution for your specific dental case. In some cases, professional teeth whitening will not remove discoloration or tough stains. Dr. Westerman may suggest porcelain veneers, dental bonding or dental crowns are an effective solution to bright dull, discolored teeth.

Dr. Westerman will review factors such as budget, lifestyle, and overall condition of your teeth before suggesting the right solution for you. The goal is to find the right solution to improve the beauty, health, and function of your natural smile. To learn more about your options, visit Westermann Family Dentistry in Louisville, KY.