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Laser Dentistry For A Healthy Smile

laser dentistry dr westermann louisville kyTechnology has improved modern dentistry in many aspects. Dental technology has increased early diagnosis and made more accurate and less invasive treatments more accessible. One of the most innovative dental technologies is the use of laser dentistry. Louisville, KY Westermann Family Dentistry utilizes Waterlase, the most modern laser dentistry technology. Dr. Kim Westermann incorporates laser dentistry for all of its many benefits that provide patients with their optimal oral health.

Laser Dentistry For Dental Anxiety

Laser dentistry requires little to no use of anesthesia, so down times are greatly reduced. Waterlase treatments are virtually pain free and help many patients deal with their dental anxiety. If you suffer from dental anxiety, Dr. Westermann is highly sensitive to your needs and will take the time to help you fully understand every procedure. Dr. Westermann believes that all patients should receive quality dentistry in a relaxed and soothing environment.

Precise Dental Care

Waterlase allows Dr. Westermann to treat oral health conditions with a higher accuracy. Because waterlase is so precise, Dr. Westermann can provide more conservative treatment plans, removing less tooth for decay, and using less sutures for gum surgery. Westermann Family Dentistry always aims to provide care that restore your oral health while remaining minimally invasive.

Laser Dentistry Procedures

Laser dentistry can treat a whole range of dental health concerns from gum disease to tooth decay with little to no pain.

  • Correct Implant exposure
  • Treat ulcers or lesions
  • Treat abscesses
  • Treat periodontal disease
  • Clean out tooth decay
  • Treat gingivitis

Schedule An Appointment

Be sure to visit Dr. Westermann at least twice year for professional dental cleanings and thorough oral exam. Regular visits to our Louisville dentist office can help to catch cavities in their early stages of development. Early diagnosis can help to avoid advanced restorative procedures such as root canal or tooth extractions.