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Your Child’s Dental Health Matters

While a visit to the dentist may not seem as important as a annual physical examination at the doctor, your child’s oral health is in fact crucial to his or her overall health. Dr. Westermann offers family dental services in her Louisville KY dentist office and recommends that young patients begin visiting around the age of 3.

Cavity Prevention in Children

Diligent and daily oral hygiene is the strongest foundation for a lifelong healthy smile. Over half of school aged children have had at least one cavity. Help your child prevent the need for a dental filling with routine dental care. These regular visits allow us to spot dental problems early on, when a conservative treatment is still effective.

You can prevent your child from becoming a part of this statistic simply by encouraging them to brush for 2 minutes twice daily (2 X 2) and floss once daily. During routine visits to our Louisville KY dentist office, we take the time to show our young patients how to effectively brush and floss to maintain tooth enamel and oral health.

You can also improve your child’s oral health by preparing meals that are low in sugar and discouraging in-between meal snacking and sugary drinks- including those popular sports drinks! Snacking provides more opportunities for the bacteria in your mouth to feed on sugar and produce acids that destroy tooth enamel and cause cavities.

If your child is especially prone to cavities or if a low-sugar diet is not entirely realistic, you may want to talk to Dr. Westermann about preventative dental sealants. This dental procedure uses a resin to fill in the pits and grooves on the back molar teeth and makes them a less favorable environment for bacterial invasion.

We want to help you and your child enjoy a happy, healthy smile. It is part of a great quality of life and plays a role in overall well being.

Looking for a family dentist in Louisville? Contact our office and schedule a visit with Dr. Westermann for you and your family. We offer personalized, compassionate dental care focused on your unique needs.