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Missing Teeth and Dental Restoration

A missing tooth can bring significant changes to your day-to-day life. From affecting daily functions like eating and speaking to lowering overall self-esteem, the impact is profound.

Millions of people struggle with complications in the wake of tooth loss. But if you lose a tooth, your dentist can offer several ways to replace it. They can evaluate your unique condition to find the best way to restore your smile if you have missing teeth.

You can feel more encouraged to seek this restorative dental treatment from your dentist when you know more about its impact. Read on to learn why you should replace missing teeth with help from your dentist.

Missing Teeth and Dental Restoration

Risks of Untreated Missing Teeth

The challenge of living with a missing tooth extends beyond just an aesthetic issue. It impedes oral function, leading to discomfort while eating or speaking. Over time, it may cause shifting in the teeth, leading to misalignment or bone loss due to lack of stimulation from chewing action.

Bone loss in the jaw may lead to further deterioration of the remaining teeth. Plus, it can leave a sagging look in the face that will further harm your overall appearance. Therefore, immediate attention towards treating them becomes critical.

Do All Missing Teeth Require Replacement?

As mentioned, missing teeth can pose serious threats to the aesthetics, function, and health of your smile. If you lose a tooth due to decay, gum disease, impact trauma, or another dental problem, you should seek replacement and restoration from your dentist as soon as you can.

Another way you may lose a tooth is through an extraction procedure. Your dentist may need to pull a tooth due to overcrowding, impacted wisdom teeth, or other dental issues. In this case, you do not always need to replace the extracted tooth. If your dentist pulls a tooth because of dental crowding, you will not need to replace the tooth.

Similarly, you will not need to replace removed wisdom teeth. Frequently, these extra molars are disruptive to the rest of your smile. To ensure you receive the care you need, consult with your dentist.

Exploring Restorative Dentistry Solutions for Missing Teeth

We offer multiple avenues for treating missing teeth. Tooth loss affects patients differently, so the dentist will provide individualized care to address each unique case.

You can achieve comprehensive tooth replacement with dental implants — a lifelong solution that behaves like natural teeth—providing strong root system via titanium post implanted into jawbone. Maximize preservation of your smile by replacing teeth both above and below the gumline with implants.

Patients can also benefit from bridges, a semi-permanent option that anchors a prosthetic tooth between two adjacent teeth. The secure fit of fixed dental bridges allows you to chew and speak with confidence once again.

Dentures make for another tooth replacement alternative that replaces an entire upper or lower arch. These removable appliances aesthetically enhance the smile while restoring bite balance.