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What to Expect from Your Cosmetic Consultation

If you do not feel confident in your smile, your self-esteem could suffer in other aspects of your life. Your dentist can whiten, straighten, and reshape your teeth to give you the smile of your dreams with cosmetic dentistry.

You can discuss your treatment options with your dentist during a scheduled consultation. Dr. Kim Westermann, a dentist in Louisville, KY, describes what you can experience during your cosmetic dental consultation appointment.

cosmetic dental consultation in Louisville Kentucky

Oral Health Evaluation

While you intend to visit your dentist to describe methods of enhancing your smile’s appearance, your dentist will first want to evaluate the health of your teeth and gums. They will examine your smile and screen for signs of tooth decay, gum disease, and other issues.

If they find problems, they will recommend treatment for these oral health concerns before proceeding with cosmetic dental procedures. You will get optimal results from your cosmetic dentistry if your teeth and gums can provide a solid, healthy foundation.

Customized Smile Design

When your mouth is healthy, you will be ready to discuss cosmetic dental treatment options with your dentist during your consultation. You can voice your smile aesthetic goals, and your dentist can determine the best way to help you get the smile of your dreams.

Your dentist will create a customized treatment plan based on these goals as well as your medical history. With personalized smile design, your teeth can look their best without compromising your oral health.

Scheduled Modern Cosmetic Dental Treatment

After you and your dentist agree on a cosmetic dental treatment plan, you can schedule your procedures. Some treatments, like white fillings or bonding, can be completed in a single dentist appointment.

Other procedures, including porcelain veneers, may take two or more visits to complete. Your dentist may also provide cosmetic treatment that you take home with you, as with Invisalign aligners and customized whitening kits. The length of your treatment may vary depending on your unique dental needs, but you can be sure you will receive modern, advanced care.

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