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Options for Restoring Your Smile

Do you have damaged, discolored, worn, or simply missing teeth? Dr. Kim Westermann & Associates at Westermann Family Dentistry make it their mission to provide patients with restorative treatment that gives effective and beautiful results.

Restorative Treatment Options

Westermann Family Dentistry offers restorative options that can treat your oral health problems and prevent further damage to teeth. Some of the restorative treatment options provided by Dr. Westermann are:

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a secure restorative option that replaces missing teeth or teeth that are severely decayed and worn down. In the dental implant procedure, titanium posts are inserted into the jaw bone, acting like tooth roots in the mouth. The posts are given time to heal and fuse to tissues before abutments are attached for additional support. Custom dental crowns are then added to the implants for increased function.

Dental Crowns

This treatment option is great for patients who have damaged, discolored, or worn down teeth. Dental crowns or caps are made of high-quality ceramic that is fitted over teeth to improve their appearance. In just one visit, patients can get dental crowns that enhance the form and function of their teeth. This procedure is convenient to patients because it does not require impression trays, repeat visits or temporary crowns.

Dental Bridges

If you have a missing tooth or teeth, dental bridges may be a useful treatment option for you. Dental bridges that are anchored by natural teeth or dental crowns can help prevent problems that are often brought on by missing teeth. The structure that dental bridges provide protects teeth and strengthens oral health.

Dentures & Partials

Similar to dental bridges, partial dentures are a restorative treatment option that replaces several missing teeth. Full dentures replace whole arches of missing teeth. Dentures provide natural-looking results and combat the difficulties that come with missing teeth. Dentures can improve bite, speaking ability, and tooth appearance.

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