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Improving the aesthetics of your smile may improve the quality of your life. Studies show that feeling confident and smiling more frequently can improve your immune system and add years to your life. If you are missing a tooth, have crooked teeth, or just want to brighten your teeth, cosmetic dentistry can help to restore your natural smile. Louisville, KY cosmetic dentist Dr. Kim Westermann helps patients to build beautiful smiles supported by healthy oral foundations.

Cosmetic dentistry offers more than just a beautiful smile. Cosmetic treatments can provide restorative dental care that will support a healthy smile for years to come. Many cosmetic dental concerns can lead to advanced dental health concerns and untreated may even contribute to systemic health concerns.

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Cosmetic Dentistry Louisville, KY

Dr. Kim Westermann offers comprehensive cosmetic oral health exams to ensure that the root of your dental concerns are addressed. Treating the underlying oral health conditions prior to improving aesthetics helps to build a healthy foundation for durable and long lasting cosmetic restorations.

Through consistent preventive dentistry patients can maintain and restore their healthy and natural smiles.  

If you are looking for a subtle boost in your smile, or a total smile makeover, Dr. Westermann can can help you create a smile you feel proud to share. Using the latest in dental technology and materials Dr. Westermann can perform your cosmetic treatments from the comfort of our Louisville, KY dentist office. Dr. Westermann provides the following cosmetic dental treatments:

If multiple treatments are needed to restore your smile, Dr. Westermann will take the time to help you understand priority, expenses, and the reason for the treatment. Our Louisville, KY dentist office always strives to offer the most conservative dental treatment plan for optimal oral health.

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