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How Dental Crowns are Used

Dental crowns are one of the most important tools a dentist has. They’re able to be used for a variety of procedures, both cosmetic and restorative. Can a dental crown take care of your dental concerns? Dr. Kim Westermann of Westermann Family Dentistry, a dentist in Louisville, KY, explains.louisville, ky dentist

Strengthening Your Natural Teeth

Most commonly, dental crowns are used to stabilize a tooth after you’ve had a root canal. During a root canal procedure, the infected dental pulp is removed from inside the tooth. This leaves a hollow cavity. Though it’s filled with a biocompatible material, the tooth won’t be 100%. A dental crown gives you back the full functionality of the tooth and also seals off the tooth from further infection.

The biggest downside to a dental bridge is the stress that it puts on the anchor teeth. Anchor teeth experience more wear and tear and are also more susceptible to tooth decay. You’re more likely to need fillings, a root canal, or even an extraction for anchor teeth. Since a dental crown goes over the entire tooth, they can take on the strain of being an anchor tooth. You don’t have to worry about the natural teeth, as the crown takes all the stress.

Covering a Misshapen or Discolored Tooth

A misshapen tooth can make you want to hide your smile instead of showing it off. Depending on the defect of the tooth and where it’s located, it may also make it hard to properly bite or chew. A dental crown gives you back the full functionality of the tooth. Crowns are custom-made to fit your smile, meaning it’ll be the size and shape of the rest of your teeth to blend in.

Professional teeth whitening is the most common way to treat discolored teeth. But not all stains can be tackled by traditional whitening techniques. This includes having a dead tooth and stains caused by genetics or medication. Dental crowns provide a solution to completely cover any tooth that doesn’t respond to other whitening techniques.

Taking Care of a Damaged Tooth

A chipped or cracked tooth can be something that’s as mild as a cosmetic issue. However, if it goes further than that, it can become a dental emergency that needs assistance right away. A dental crown can replace the part of the tooth that broke off. Dental crowns can also keep a cracked tooth together and make sure that bacteria don’t get inside the pulp of the tooth.

CEREC Dental Technology

We’re proud to offer the latest technology for milling dental crowns. We offer same-day crowns so you don’t have to wait to get your restoration. With this CAD/CAM technology, we can take a digital impression of your tooth to send to our in-house milling machine. A custom crown can quickly be made for whatever you need.

Dental Crowns From Your Louisville, Kentucky Dentist

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