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Quit Smoking For The Benefit Of Your Oral Health

Smoking may be harmful to your oral health. Louisville dentist Dr. Kimberly Westermann discourages her patients from the use of any tobacco products. Tar and nicotine cause adverse effects for your oral and overall health. Premature signs of aging, cancer, and many systemic diseases are linked to the use of tobacco products.

4 Reasons To Quit Smoking

Your Teeth Will Turn Yellow. Discoloration and yellowing of teeth is a common occurrence as we age. Smoking may accelerate this process. Nicotine causes premature tooth discoloration making you and your smile appear older.

You May Get More Cavities. Smoking can cause dry mouth. Dry mouth is linked with the increased tooth decay in adults. Untreated tooth decay can cause the need for advanced and expensive dental procedures such as root canal or tooth extraction.

You Increase Your Risk of Gum Disease. Westermann Family Dentistry offers periodontal screenings at all routine dental checkups. The CDC predicts that almost half of American adults suffer from some degree of gum disease. Studies show that gum disease is linked to serious systemic disease such as respiratory disease, stroke, pancreatic cancer, and Alzheimer’s Disease.

You May Get Oral Cancer. Oral cancer is more commonly diagnosed in adults to use tobacco products than who do not. Oral cancer is a potentially life altering disease. It is important to catch it early for treatment.

Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry for Smokers Louisville, KY

Smoking can take a toll on your smile. Yellow teeth, cavities and gum disease are complex dental health concerns that require advanced dental treatments. Highly trained and experienced Dr. Westermann offers cosmetic and restorative dental treatments that may help to hide the effects of or heal the damage caused by smoking.

If you are suffering from the side effects of smoking, contact Westermann Family Dentistry dentist office in Louisville, KY. Our dental care team can help provide resources for quitting and treatment options for your oral health needs.